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As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, we tend to stake out at home wrapped up in a blanket to beat the chill… that or venture out and search for winter comforting meals such as the likes of hot pot and spicy stews.

A few weeks back, a trio of us battled the chill and went to Felixstow for a homely cooked Korean meal at Sushi Gallery (Korean restaurant not Japanese restaurant although the name kind of says otherwise), a popular haunt with the locals and Koreans, a sure sign that the food must be authentic and good right? The restaurant itself is pretty paired back, casual and no whistles kind of eatery, but atmosphere and decor aside, it was completely packed out on our mid week visit with a handful of groups getting turned away at the door. Bookings recommended to make sure you get a spot.

sushi gallery
Gam ja tang; $28.00 (small)

Between the three of us, we ordered a small gam ja tang to share, a bubbling hot pork rib soup served on a portable gas burner with rice and a trio of side dishes of kim chi, bean sprouts and pickled vegetable. On top of that, we ordered one of their popular and large sushi rolls which had a wait time of about 20 minutes as they were made to order. FYI, they do advise you to call ahead to book the rolls if you’re coming in for lunch. The soup was warm, comforting and potent in flavour from the pork rib bones, potatoes, hot peppers and kim chi, and the meat itself was extremely tender and fell off the bone with ease. The soup also came with a bowl to discard the bones, but we did have trouble finding table real estate with all the food, side dishes, drinks and cutlery on the table. We had to combine side dishes together to stack the empty bowls on top of one another for some extra room, it was tight! And it only got tighter when our sushi roll was ready!

sushi gallery
Dragon roll; $11.00

A monster sized roll with a centre of crunchy, crisp fresh lettuce, cream cheese, crab and cucumber then topped with eel and avocado and finished with special tempura sauce and white sauce. Holy moly! I told you it was big, and so cheap too! Their other fusion sushi rolls range from $7.50-$11 in case you were wondering. 😉 It’s not your typical kind of sushi, but a different spin on the usual and conventional ingredients, the inclusion of iceberg lettuce was different and added a crispy lightness to every bite. Really nice.

Overall, I thought the food was good especially for the price but I think I’ve been immensely spoiled by the great Korean restaurants in Sydney so my expectations for Sushi Gallery was quite high and it didn’t quite impress me as much. I have still yet to find a great spot for Korean food in Adelaide, but if you know of a place, then let me know!


Sushi Gallery
475 Payneham Road
Felixstow SA 5070
P 08 8833 7392

Opening hours
Mon-Sat 11.30am-2.30pm, 5pm-9pm
Sun Closed

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