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Fast forward a year, give or take, and I found myself back at Ruby Red Flamingo for a homely, comforting and winter warming Italian feast. Bookings can only be made with groups of 10 and more, and even then, you’re stuck with their banquet menu, so an early arrival was best to ensure that our quartet got ourselves a table and that meant we avoided a wait time that can be as long as 2 hours!

ruby red flamingo

The restaurant is housed within an old grand house with a courtyard garden, and inside, there are many separate dining areas/rooms, as well as an outdoor area which is well insulated, covered and warm. A bar is also located upstairs for people who may have to wait for a table and can pass the time over a drink or two. There are no printed menus at Ruby Red, instead they are scribbled on the black board walls in each room so pick your seats wisely to prevent turning and craning your neck to see what’s available! Heh. As for the specials for the day? They are on a standalone blackboard that gets moved around and shown to every table with the staff impressively reciting and explaining each dish in detail. Having said that, it really did test our listening and attention skills at around 6pm on a Friday night as we all ended up phasing out half way through the explanations…! We did try very hard to stay focused though… haha.

ruby red flamingo

The restaurant did get pretty loud throughout the evening as it filled up, much like being at an Italians family house party I bet. Warm, casual and relaxed.

ruby red flamingo, Piatto freddo, antipasto
Piatto freddo; $16.50

Our party of four settled for a dish each, coincidentally they all happened to be of the pasta variety! And to share, we started off with an antipasto platter with paper thin slices of slightly salty prosciutto, fresh mozzerella cheese slices, a small cup of olives, bright and sweet tomatoes, a drizzle of olive oil, a crack of fresh black pepper and fragrant basil leaves. Mmm!

ruby red flamingo, Cannelloni verdi
Cannelloni verdi; $26.50

My pick for the evening was their vegetarian cannelloni with spinach, pumpkin, and mushroom in a neapolitan sauce which I’ve had before but with a white cream sauce of leek and asiago cheese. Different sauces aside, a very tasty and hearty dish with loads of flavour, the red sauce version winning out for my palate, afterall, I am more of a red sauce pasta type of person. 🙂

ruby red flamingo, Mafalde ragu
Mafalde ragu: chicken, turkey and tomato; $21.50

ruby red flamingo, Maccheroni eggplant
Maccheroni eggplant: smoked scarmoza, dry ricotta and tomato; $24.00

ruby red flamingo, Taglierini, squid ink taglierini
Taglierini: freshly made squid ink taglierini with scallops, prawns, cherry tomatoes, basil and evo; $29.00

Huge servings of carberriffic goodness with the eggplant and freshly made squid ink taglierini being highlights for most of our table. Amazingly, we did manage to smash all four carb filled plates and had just enough room for shared desserts!

ruby red flamingo, Coconut panna cotta
Coconut panna cotta

The coconut panna cotta was another hit for the table. Although I am not a huge fan of coconut cream desserts, I did have a bit to try; the panna cotta was very nice and smooth with a light finish on the palate and a strong coconut taste. The sweet cocoa(?) crunchy nuggets on top was a nice touch–we wondered if it was a kind of cereal or something?

ruby red flamingo, Tortino al cioccolato with wild berries and fresh cream, chocolate fondant
Tortino al cioccolato with wild berries and fresh cream; $11.50

Of course we couldn’t go to Ruby Red and not order their chocolate fondants! A duo of chocolatey, smooth, rich, but not crazy sweet fondants with wild berries and fresh cream. Best to share! The cream and berries offer much needed relief to balance the richness and allows one to keep going back for more without feeling the heaviness of each mouthful. Yum!

Ruby Red promises a relaxed atmosphere with hearty servings of delicious and simple Italian food and attentive service. Tip: get there early! 🙂


Ruby Red Flamingo
142 Tynte Street
North Adelaide SA 5006
P 08 8267 5769

Opening hours
Sun-Tue Closed
Wed-Fri 12pm-2.30pm, 5.30pm-9.20pm
Sat 5.30pm-9.30pm

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