The Moseley Bar & Kitchen, Glenelg

the moseley kitchen and bar

What was once an outdated Irish pub a stone’s throw away from the beach is replaced by the now cool and sophisticated bar and restaurant. From the polished bar lounge upstairs to the warm yet urban dining space downstairs, the Moseley makes you feel like you’ve walked into your dream beach house, complete with a warm fireplace and wicker furniture–a stark contrast to the murky Dublin pub that this same space once was.

the moseley kitchen and bar

While the buzzing upstairs lounge is often found pumping live music, cocktails, and drinks, the kitchen below is working its culinary magic. And in these winter months, what they’re cooking up couldn’t be more perfect for these chilly evenings by the Bay.

the moseley kitchen and bar
Upstairs bar and lounge

the moseley kitchen and bar
Downstairs dining room

First to emerge from the kitchen was an entrée tasting plate: An assortment of three new items for their Summer menu.

scallop and crab terrine, prawn cigar, pork belly with pickled red cabbage puree and apple
Scallop & crab terrine, prawn cigar, pork belly with pickled red cabbage puree & apple

The terrine was a melt-in-your-mouth mixture of scallop and crab accompanied with a smooth pesto and cream sauce. The prawn cigar was essentially a spring roll, but filled with a juicy morsel of well-seasoned prawn, sitting atop a savoury and creamy sauce that complemented the sampler. The slice of pork belly had a crispy outer skin, but the meat was sweet and tender, falling apart in your mouth. The apple and pickled red cabbage puree made it altogether a nice sweet and savoury combination, without being too overpowering. Safe to say, the entrée tasting plate did its job whetting our appetites and is something to look forward to in the summer, for sure.

the moseley kitchen and bar, pressed barossa chicken with sweet soy duck dumplings and dash broth
Pressed Barossa chicken with sweet soy duck dumplings and dashi broth; $27.00

When my main was carried out, I couldn’t help but notice how my neatly pressed chicken resembled tofu, a lightly fried square sprinkled with chilli flakes. When I dug in with my fork, the chicken simply fell apart without me using a knife–a good sign. Each forkful was a moist and flavourful bite of chicken. Hot and crispy on the outside, yet tender on the inside. I’ve never had pressed chicken before, but this was a winner. The salty Japanese dashi broth added extra flavour and a spicy kick in accompanying the chicken. A pile of chopped lettuce sat nestled between two sweet soy duck dumplings, a refreshing palate cleanser between bites. The dumplings themselves were juicy and sweet. The duck absorbed every bit of flavour from the sweet soy, and the dumpling skin was firm, making the overall dish a successful ode to Asian inspiration.

the moseley kitchen and bar, wood roasted lamb shoulder marinated with harissa
14-hour wood roasted lamb shoulder marinated with harissa; $30.00

My friend’s dish beside me was a looker as well. A lone thick slice of lamb shoulder topped with a bright green sprinkle of parsley. One bite was all I needed to taste the harissa marinade of chilli, roasted red pepper, and garlic coming through. Tender, rich, and bursting with flavour.

the moseley kitchen and bar, wild rice with cranberry, almond, pistachio
Side of wild rice with cranberry, almond, pistachio

Accompanying the lamb was a generous bowl of cranberry, almond, and pistachio wild rice. A bold and interesting combination as the rice was quite sweet. Yet, it worked with the savoury lamb shoulder. A hearty winter warmer indeed.

the moseley kitchen and bar, apple butterscotch and frangelico pie
Apple butterscotch & frangelico pie, Sticky black rice pudding, Chocolate Sherry slice; $12.50 each

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, dessert plates rolled out. The tasting plate consisted of a trio of pastry, pudding, and good ol’ chocolate. The chocolate sherry was a velvety smooth mousse-like slice of the fruity chocolate combo. Even just a small slice was enough to satisfy because of how rich the chocolate was. The apple butterscotch and frangelico pie had me convinced the Moseley kitchen could do just about anything, including pastry, the right way. Warming apple chilli jam plus just a hint of hazelnut makes this flaky pie a great finish to any winter evening. Yet my favourite was the sticky black rice pudding. As the sticky rice is already sweet in itself, the pudding overall wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet like most rice puddings can be. Tropical hints of coconut and a chunk of juicy lychee added a pleasant surprise and made this a unique twist on rice pudding. And each bite was smooth yet packed with texture from the grains of rice.

I’ll admit, it never crossed my mind to stop at the Moseley for a meal. On any given weekend since its September 2014 opening, the Glenelg drinking crowd spilling out of the balcony has always marked it as more of a bar than a restaurant. But if this tasting is any indication of what the rest of the menu is like, the kitchen tucked away in the back corner of the ground level certainly deserves more attention.

[dbites was invited as guests to The Moseley Bar & Kitchen]


The Moseley Bar & Kitchen
11 Moseley Square
Glenelg SA 5045
P 08 8295 3966

Opening hours
Mon-Fri 11am–Late
Sat-Sun 8am–Late

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