Chinatown Cafe, Chinatown, Adelaide

Ahhh… chicken rice.

That must order dish for anyone visiting Singapore as it is one of their national dishes and a very very tasty one at that! Since returning home back from Singapore, we have been on the look out for chicken rice to satisfy our cravings. We’ve had a taste at PappaRich (best one yet) and The Stranger had a go at ordering a serve of the simple dish at Warong in Rundle Place (I got the ‘it’s okay’). Our friends rate Ricky’s Kitchen in the Chinatown foodcourt as the go-to for chicken rice, but surprisingly, we haven’t made time for a visit yet! Instead, we made a bee line to the Chinatown Cafe in the centre of Moonta Street Chinatown to have a taste after The Stranger spied a snap of some glorious chicken rice on his Instagram feed and getting the thumbs up from his friend.

chinatown cafe

For as long as this place has been open and with the constant stream of people going in and out, seated inside and outside, we never had the urge to give it a go. The cafe itself is clean and the service quick and brisk. Order at the counter and they’ll assign a table for you, grab your own cutlery and condiments to the side and wait a few short minutes and ta-da! Our food was served.

chinatown cafe
Hainanese chicken rice with additional Asian greens; $10.00

The moment of truth!

We ordered the chicken rice that came with the Asian greens at an extra of $1, the steamed chicken (a choice between breast or thigh, we chose the latter) sat amongst the scattered bok choy and in a small pool of soy sauce with a side of white rice that had been cooked in a chicken and ginger broth. The meat was sweet but not as juicy or as succulent as we were hoping it to be and although the rice appeared really ‘white’, it did emit a subtle flavour from the broth it was cooked in. Included with the chicken rice was a bowl of chicken broth to have with the meal, a cleansing subtle and light broth.

chinatown cafe

Not bad, but not one where we’ll be running back for.

chinatown cafe
Fried kway teow; $9.00

Seeing that I didn’t want to order two serves of chicken rice, I opted for the fried kway teow/char kway teow, spicy fried flat rice noodles with chicken, bbq pork shrimps, fish cake, egg and bean sprouts. It was… not worth the money nor the calories! Very little chicken, pork, fish cake or egg was found amongst the dark soy stained noodles and bean sprouts, and the overall dish lacked any flavour in contrast to what they looked like.

chinatown cafe

A popular spot for lunch with a quick turn around on food, it’s cheap and cheerful but not one we’d be returning to. At least we gave it a go!


Chinatown Cafe
38 Moonta Street
Adelaide SA 5000
P 08 8231 2230

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2 comments for “Chinatown Cafe, Chinatown, Adelaide

  1. Megan
    August 14, 2015 at 5:15 PM

    Have you been to Kopi Tim? It’s on Gouger St just west of Morphett St (across the rd from Vietnam Star City) and in my opinion they have the best laksa and hainanese chicken in Adelaide! If you get the laksa you have to get the chicken one because it comes with a poached chicken breast which they some how cook perfectly every time! (Whereas their combo comes with shredded chicken which isn’t as amazing). Their hainanese chicken is also delicious (which I’ve only tried the breast of – but why go for fattier thigh when the breast is always so juicy and tender!). Definitely check it out when you get the chance 🙂

    • dee
      August 17, 2015 at 9:10 AM

      Thanks for the tip! Will have to check it out some time soon. 😉

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