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Tucked in a small street on the edge of the city east, is a funky retro kind of bar/lounge which operates as a cafe by day taking advantage of the foot traffic, and bar by night. Austin & Austin is its name, and it’s aptly located on a corner on Austin Street, adjacent to it, one of the entrances to Renaissance Arcade which links pedestrians through to Rundle Mall, Pulteney Street and David Jones, all of which is in close proximity to Rundle Street and of course, the university campuses.

austin and austin

Word on the street was that they had old school board games and video games, think Nintendo 64 and Sega Megadrive–that kind of ‘old school’! Now that’s our kind of fun! ­čśë Their snack soul food menu definitely got our tastebuds salivating as it boasted one of our favourite snack items–the good ol’ toastie or jaffle. After treating ourselves to countless gourmet ones at East End Cellars, it was time to expand, explore and experiment with other variations.

austin and austin

We dropped in on a Friday night to sample exactly that, a toastie and another snack of the nachos variety along with a few beverages to warm our bellies; and for the health conscious, not to worry as they’ve also got a salads menu! I did have a gander but seeing it was a Friday night, it was the perfect excuse for a treat so the salads menu didn’t get a second glance. Heh!

Seeing that Happy Hour was still on, The Stranger proceeded to the bar for a game of rock paper scissors with the bartender. If The Stranger wins: happy hour prices; and if the bartender wins, normal prices! Winner? Happy hour beer for The Stranger! Woohoo!

The folks at Austin & Austin also offer a wine list with white, rose and red drops by the glass or bottle. I bypassed the wine on our visit and went straight to their cocktails menu instead and chose something a bit decadent, rich and different straight from the Austin & Austin Originals category. I present to you… the Mint Slice.

austin and austin, mint slice cocktail
Mint slice; $16.00

This dessert-esque cocktail was minty and just down right delicious. It tasted exactly like a mint slice! The delectable cocktail was made up of Mint Liqueur, ┼Żubr├│wka Vodka, White Cacao and milk with a crushed Oreo garnish. Yum!

austin and austin

The Stranger has his beer as if it’s water, so it didn’t take long for him to return to the bar for another beverage whilst we continued to wait for our snacks to arrive. He dappled into the classic cocktails menu and returned with… you guessed it… an old fashioned!

austin and austin, old fashioned, cocktail
Kraken old fashioned; $16.00

A different take on the usual with a mix of Kraken spiced rum (instead of whisky), sugar and Angostura bitters. I get the, ‘it’s okay’ from him with his palate preferring the classic usual instead. ­čśŤ

austin and austin

Snack time! The waiter found our vinyl table number and presented us our snacks for the evening. Read: my dinner for the night. Ha!

austin and austin, toastie
The Classic toastie; $7.50

We stayed boring safe and ordered the classic toastie with Gypsy ham, American cheddar cheese and fresh tomato. It was definitely the old school kinda toastie with the melty, ‘plastic-y’ American cheddar cheese which oozed between the toasted standard sandwich slices with layers of ham and fresh tomato. The triangular cut toastie was simple, good and nolstagic, it definitely took our palates back to the 90s. The Stranger could only manage one bite of the toastie for a taste and I was left with the rest for dinner.

He got to smash through the basket of nachos instead which is an all day item from their menu.

austin and austin, soul food, nachos, pulled pork
Nachos: pulled pork; $10.50 (+50c for jalape├▒os)

A basket of crunchy corn chips topped with house made salsa, guacamole, bbq pulled pork, sour cream, nacho cheese and jalape├▒os. The bbq sauce was tangy and punchy although a bit overpowering as the pulled pork got lost amongst it. The addition of jalape├▒os added an extra kick of heat with the guacamole and sour cream cooling the palate. Yum!

austin and austin

We didn’t play any games on our first visit, but we did spy the likes of Jenga and Uno on the shelves. Playing Jenga over drinks with good company is a guaranteed fun and competitive time, after all, losers pay for a round of drinks! Yes/yes?! There are two levels at Austin & Austin with the upstairs area overlooking the ground floor as well as housing the old school video games. DJs are also doing their thing on Friday and Saturday nights with an all-vinyl playlist of funk, disco and jazz tracks so why not grab a few of your mates for a fun and relaxed night out with a mix of old school board games, snacks, drinks and music.


Austin & Austin
28 Austin Street
Adelaide SA 5000
P 08 8227 2497

Opening hours
Sun-Mon Closed
Tue-Thu 8am-12pm
Fri 8am-2am
Sat 12pm-2am

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