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Admittedly, I am one of those people, born and bred in Adelaide yet I’ve never stepped foot into Gaucho’s. It’s one of those places that has always been on my list, but with the constant stream of pop ups and openings of other new restaurants and bars, this Adelaide institute kept getting bumped down on the list for me. Well finally, Gaucho’s is now ticked off my list as we were invited to their new menu launch in conjunction with a neon moose blogger dinner event.


The nearly 30 year old Argentinian family owned restaurant by two brothers Tony & Joe Puntureri, has been a crowd pleaser with locals and visitors over the years. The kitchen utilises as much fresh and locally sourced produce they can get, which isn’t too hard of a task considering that they are located in the heart of the CBD on Gouger Street and is only a stone throw’s away from Adelaide’s city food hub, the Adelaide Central Market.

The first thing that came to mind when we thought about Gaucho’s was ‘steak’. After all, that’s what they’re famously known for right? Well, were we in for a treat or what. Not only were we treated to their famous and beautifully cooked meats, we were fed Gaucho’s other traditional and delicious dishes. Here’s a peek of only some of the delightful bites we had that evening:

Artisan sourdough and olivia; $3.50 and $6.00

Crusty artisan sourdough bread with extra virgin olive oil and organic sea salt as well as a bowl of warmed mixed olives with chilli, paprika, lime and tequila. Those tequila soaked olives were a treat!

Escabeche; $24.90

A platter with a selection of artisan salumi and house charcuterie with pickled eggplant, mustard and crostini. The chilli ham sure packed a punch with an intense heat left lingering on the palate after it was gone. Very spicy, but very very tasty!

Provoleta; $21.00

The terracotta baked provolone cheese with roasted peppers, green chimichurri and grilled sourdough was a favourite for J although we did find it a little bit ‘tough’ and ‘chewy’ towards the end. Our guess was that it was left on the table for too long resulting in the melted cheese to harden and toughen. A common occurrence with food getting cold when dining out with a bunch of bloggers where everyone needs to get their perfect shot. 😉

Empanadas de carne; $22.00

Crispy morsels of deliciousness, traditional Argentinian pastries filled with beef, olive, egg and raisins.

Chorizo: chargrilled pork and fennel sausage; $24.50

Pork and fennel is always a winning combo and Gaucho did it justice in their bide de chorizo – semi crusty on the outside but each bite bursting with juiciness and flavour. Fresh chopped banana peppers and green chimichurri gave it a tangy kick.

Bide de chorizo, Riverine; $43.90

We were served the bide de chorizo steak, a 450g NSW grain fed New York Strip steak aged for 42 days on premise, the steak cooked medium rare.

It was dee~licious. Perfectly cooked, incredibly tender and well seasoned. We paired it with Gaucho’s famous Chimichurri sauce and it’s a winning combo! Psst, they’ve also teamed up with Beerenberg to have their famous sauces bottled and available to the public at Gaucho’s and in local supermarkets so you can have your own ‘Gaucho’s’ experience at home! Main courses are served with traditional steak cut chips but unfortunately we missed out these gold batons during our evening.

The other hero of the night was a massive… MASSIVE paellera of paella.

Paella de mariscos: Chef’s selection of fresh seafood, oven baked with Calaspara rice, aged chorizo, saffron, paprika and white wine; $65.00 p.p. (Minimum 2 people)

The paella dish was extravagantly put together. Bright crab legs, pearly oysters, jumbo pink prawns, mussels, and sunny lemons made this a colourful take on the Spanish classic. All served the right way–straight out of the paellera, family style. Extremely flavourful, but eventually was a little too fishy in taste for our liking. Given the abundance of seafood, though, that’s not entirely unexpected. So for you seafood lovers–this one’s for you and there’s plenty of it to go around in each serve. We will also note the interesting texture of the prawns that night–not as plump as we had hoped they’d be but could have been a one-off thing.


We weren’t sure if we were going to end off the night on a sweet note as our blogger dinner went through a bit of a lull. But fear not, mini buckets of churros soon filtered out of the kitchen with a duo of dipping sauces: salted caramel and raspberry coulis. On our end of the table, we found our bucket of cinnamon sugar dusted churros to be crispy and crunchy on the outside, albeit a bit thick with the centre being slightly undercooked and soggy. We must have gotten a dud batch as everyone else enjoyed their sweet golden treats. Oh well, it was a much needed sugar hit after our delicious and filling feast.

With the delicious Argentinian food on offer paired with friendly and upbeat service, we can see why Gaucho’s has been able to stand the test of time and still have guests filling the restaurant. There’s plenty of seating at the front of the restaurant, indoors and outdoors as well as a separate private dining area towards the back–perfect for functions and special occasions. Have a hankering for steak and haven’t tried the ones at Gaucho’s yet? Get on to it, they’re known for it after all.

[dbites was invited as guests to Gaucho’s]


91 Gouger Street
Adelaide SA 5000
P 08 8231 2299

Opening hours
Mon–Fri 11.30am–3pm, 5.30pm–10.30pm
Sat–Sun 5.30pm-10.30pm

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