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Oh it’s been a while since we’ve been out for Japanese food, and instead of getting our usual fix at Wasai, Sushi Bar Genki, Sushi Planet or Sushi Train, we thought we’d venture out onto the other side of town and try out one of the newer Japanese restaurants that’s popped up in the last year or so: En Japanese Bar and Restaurant on Goodwood Road just after the rail way tracks if you’re travelling from/through the city.

en japanese
Sparkling jelly drink, lemon flavoured; $9.00

It was a rather balmy night on our visit and the restaurant itself was quite warm with the evening sun penetrating its warmth through the front windows. After ordering a Japanese beverage of sweet lemon flavoured fizz with some undetectable alcohol present, we quickly asked the waitstaff if they could turn on the A/C before we melted into our seats… haha! Thankfully they obliged. Phew!!

En Japanese Bar and Restaurant is rather cozy and warm with a ‘bar’ style seating towards the back of the restaurant overlooking the chefs working their magic, just like how they do in Japan. On our visit, we sat at the front part of their restaurant and ordered a plethora of different dishes…

en japanese
Scallop salad

Scallops always get a tick of approval in our books, so we couldn’t bypass En’s version in the salad variety. It was a lot different to what we were expecting, the scallops were cooked through and sliced paper thin whilst being tossed amongst crunchy vegetables and dressed in a slightly spicy dressing with sesame oil and sesame seeds. Texturally, the scallop meat was chewy and required some extra chewing power but the size of the seafood definitely helped and the dressing really woke up our palates.

en japanese
Takoyaki; $8.00

A serving of some good ol’ takoyaki, crispy battered octopus balls topped with dancing bonito flakes, okonomi sauce and mayo.

en japanese
Sweet potato chips served with honey and mayo; $7.00

Oh this was a surprise! Not the kind of sweet potato chips we were expecting, but these deep fried batons of sweet potato chips were a delight, especially the combination of sweet honey and kewpie mayo. A winning combo and one where we’d happily replicate at home.

en japanese
Salmon aburi nigiri; $10.50

What’s a Japanese feast without a serve of aburi salmon?! We ordered the salmon aburi in nigiri style.

As we were at a Japanese bar, skewers were a must order!

en japanese
Yakitori; $8.00

We ordered the traditional Japanese grill chicken skewers; succulent pieces of chicken, perfectly grilled with a hint of char and smoke from the coal, and all skewers basted in a sticky teriyaki sauce. Yum.

en japanese
Pork negima; $8.00

The pork belly and spring onion skewers were just as good, just look at the colour on those skewers! MmmMmmm~

en japanese
Yakiniku beef; $17.00

We wanted a serve of tori mayo to finish off our feast but unfortunately, that was unavailable on our visit so we settled for the yakiniku beef with thinly sliced wagyu and onion with a side of salad. The wagyu was very tender and flavourful, but it was overly salty so we were hoping for a bit more salad to combat the saltiness! The salad didn’t last the whole dish but we still managed to finish it whilst taking a gulp of water in between each mouthful. Heh.

en japanese
Black sesame pudding with sweet potato and cream

There wasn’t too much of a dessert menu on offer so we shared their black sesame pudding with sweet potato and cream. A different kind of dessert, not overly sweet with an enjoyable nutty flavour from the black sesame pudding and a smooth finish, paired with a subtly sweet potato mash and cream. Quite enjoyable.

The food is definitely well priced at En Japanese Bar and Restaurant, if you’re something a bit more casual then the back bar room is perfect for a lazy, chill night with a few mates sharing some beer or sake paired with some tasty snacks.


En Japanese Bar and Restaurant
107 Goodwood Road
Goodwood SA 5034
P 08 8271 6954

Opening hours
Mon Closed
Tue-Sun 5.30pm-10.30pm

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  1. November 16, 2015 at 5:33 PM

    Great pics. I live and work just around the corner from this place and still haven’t popped in. It’s going straight to the top of my ‘to eat’ list!

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