Redsalt Restaurant at the Crowne Plaza Adelaide, Adelaide

Anddddd we’re back at Redsalt Restaurant at the Crowne Plaza for a media dinner–thanks for the invite guys! It was nice to be back and see how the menu had changed and evolved since our last documented visit (return visits were made throughout the year but we were off blogging duties!).

red salt, crowne plaza adelaide

On arrival, we mingled with other media invitees around the bar area whilst we sipped on a few beverages before we were all led to a long table in the restaurant area and settled in for a night of feasting.

red salt, crowne plaza adelaide
Dips platter

red salt, crowne plaza adelaide, antipasto

Plenty of dip platters and antipasto plates to share.

One can never say no to an antipasto platter! The spicy salami slices were right up our alley with a pack of heat and spice, which balanced well with the lightly toasted pita bread and cornichons. Some of us on the table may have ate a little too much too soon, forgetting that entrees had yet to arrive… 😛

red salt, crowne plaza adelaide

Entrees were mini versions of most of the entrees available on Redsalt’s current Summer menu.

red salt, crowne plaza adelaide, gazpacho
Chilled gazpacho soup: organic vegetable medley, avocado cream

red salt, crowne plaza adelaide
Smoked heirloom carrots and roasted carrot dip with rye crostini

red salt, crowne plaza adelaide, Kingfish tartare
Kingfish tartare with native lime

red salt, crowne plaza adelaide, Crispy pork belly
Crispy pork belly with daikon kimchi

We started with the light starters and ended off on the crispy pork belly. The roasted carrot dip on the rye crostini was overwhelmingly strong in smoky flavour which wasn’t extremely pleasant on the palate, but the next entree, the kingfish tartare definitely helped temper down the flavour with its brightness and freshness. Pork belly is a favourite with most, especially if it has a crispy crackling skin! We thought that the pork belly needed a bit more time in the oven as the meat itself was still quite chewy in texture and extremely fatty but they sure did get the crackling right.

For mains, we got to select from their menu. As always, I opted for the fish and ordered the pan seared ocean trout.

red salt, crowne plaza adelaide, Pan seared ocean trout
Pan seared ocean trout; $28.00

A perfect main for the hot summer weather we’ve been experiencing as of late. The ocean trout was cooked perfectly, the flesh still juicy with a smidge of pink in the middle; the organic quinoa and citrus salad with lemon and pepper pearls were also a delight, zippy and fresh, giving each mouthful a variety of textures and contrast. The pearls were a fun surprise too, providing a burst of citrus and pop!

red salt, crowne plaza adelaide, Kingfish trilogy
Kingfish trilogy; $34.00
Char-grilled with asparagus & sauce vierge, pan seared with sesame seeds and daikon kimchi, tartare with finger lime, crushed pepper & fine herbs

red salt, crowne plaza adelaide, Kingfish trilogy

red salt, crowne plaza adelaide, Lobster and prawn ravioli
Lobster and prawn ravioli; $35.00
Adelaide cherry tomato brandy glaze and organic fine herbs

red salt, crowne plaza adelaide, Angus pure beef fillet
Angus pure beef fillet; $42.00
Parsnip purée, sautéed mushroom and mustard jus

The steak was cooked perfectly, medium rare and super juicy, but the folks on our end of the table did think that the let down of the dish was the visual appearance–most notably the use of the red plate. It made the dish look quite ‘heavy’. Just a visual aspect of the dish, nothing to do with its flavour. 🙂

After mains, a mini version of the strawberry and champagne granita with fresh strawberries dessert was then served, which was almost like a palate cleaner for us as we prepped our palates for a bit of sweetness!

A huge plate of desserts filed out of the kitchen. Much like our entrees, we had mini versions of their desserts on offer.

red salt, crowne plaza adelaide, Coconut panna cotta
Coconut panna cotta

The coconut panna cotta looked so good, however as we dug our spoons through it, we quickly realised that the panna cotta itself had not set quite properly yet. The texture was a bit grainy and lumpy and not smooth and silky as we were expecting it to be. It possibly split during the cooking process? We did enjoy the marinated mango and fresh mint which paired nicely with the light and fragrant coconut flavour.

red salt, crowne plaza adelaide, Hazelnut trilogy, hazelnut ice cream with salted caramel pearls
Hazelnut trilogy

The first component of the trilogy was a hazelnut ice cream with salted caramel pearls. SO. SO. GOOD. Even though it was half melted as it hit our tables, we all happily picked up the spoon and slurped down the goodness. A lovely hazelnutty-nuttella-ry-ferrero rocher-y flavour with surprises of salted caramel goodness. BOOM. 😛

red salt, crowne plaza adelaide, Hazelnut trilogy
White chocolate & hazelnut cheesecake

A big fat thumbs up for this number too! Delish.

red salt, crowne plaza adelaide, Hazelnut trilogy
Frangelico & caramelised hazelnut semifreddo

The semifreddo was incredibly subtle in flavour especially following its two previous predecessors. The least liked in the trilogy we thought.

red salt, crowne plaza adelaide, Chocolate mousse
Chocolate mousse

A dark chocolate and toffee mousse; soft, oozy and rich with a caramel centre. This one is not for the faint hearted–even the mini version knocked us out! We can’t imagine someone polishing off this dessert on their own, and by that, we mean the full size. Even the chocoholic on our table admitted defeat at the mini me! Heh.

A great meal with lots of different food on offer for all different palates and people, there’s surely something for everyone. A lovely and relaxed atmosphere with friendly service, and smack bang in the city centre. Maybe something worth checking out before you hit the Fringe this Mad March. 😉

[dbites was invited as a guest to Redsalt Restaurant]


Redsalt Restaurant | Crowne Plaza Adelaide
16 Hindmarsh Square
Adelaide SA 5000
P 08 8206 8828

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  1. February 12, 2016 at 8:25 PM

    Those desserts looked amazing

  2. March 22, 2016 at 1:00 PM

    I’ve always been delighted by the food here. You’ve taken some wonderful pictures! Thank you for sharing your experience.

    • dee
      March 23, 2016 at 3:25 PM

      Thank you! 🙂

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