The Woodcroft Hotel, Woodcroft

the woodcroft hotel

Early last week, we were invited to the VIP launch of The Woodcroft Hotel which has recently undergone a renovation where we got to experience the soul of the south. As many of us reside either in the city centre or on the other side of town, the lovely folks at RD Jones Group organised a chartered bus for a huge group of us with multiple pick up spots in metro Adelaide. Hoorayyy! Saved us from taking the drive down south… hehe!

the woodcroft hotel

Upon boarding the bus, we were treated to pretzels and plenty of ice cold mojitos for our road trip ahead as well as live acoustic music for some fun entertainment.

the woodcroft hotel

the woodcroft hotel

Now that’s service! 😛

At the launch, we got to sample a number of their new menu items that draws inspiration from the laid back way of Southern life as well as throwing back a few more cocktails that came flowing out from the bar.

the woodcroft hotel

the woodcroft hotel, Seafood chowder
Seafood chowder

Chowderrrr! Our first experience with this beauty was back in the states a few years back, but of the clam variety – delish! The version at The Woodcroft uses a selection of seafood which is gently poached in a creamy vegetable and bacon soup with a thick and chunky texture which is full of flavour, and topped with bacon pieces.

the woodcroft hotel

the woodcroft hotel, Jambalaya

Jambalaya is a Louisiana Creole dish of Spanish and French influence which has meat and vegetables mixed with rice. This one consisted of sautéed prawns, chicken and chorizo finished with saffron rice, roasted capsicums, tomato and creole spices. Flavourful, well spiced and a mixture of different textures in each mouthful. It was our first taste of jambalaya and it got our approval.

the woodcroft hotel, Philly cheesesteak sanga
Philly cheesesteak sanga

Helloooooo Philly cheesesteak sanga with slow cooked tender steak loaded with cheese, American mustard, onions, mushrooms and peppers. Imagine downing this deliciousness with an ice cold beer, mMmmmm~

the woodcroft hotel, Lobster and prawn po-boy
Lobster and prawn po-boy

The full version of the po-boy is encased in a half baguette loaded with coleslaw, fried prawns and lobster and finished with a spicy and tangy chipotle mayo. The mini versions were just that… mini!

the woodcroft hotel, Lobster and prawn po-boy

So what did we do? We had to go back for seconds (!) to devour the crispy battered prawns and lobster in the sweet and fluffy baguette with a refreshing and crunchy slaw. Yum yum! 😛

the woodcroft hotel, Pumpkin patch
Pumpkin patch

We obviously needed something to balance out the ‘not so healthy’ goodies so luckily a platter of ‘Pumpkin Patch’ salad came filing out of the kitchen. The salad consisted of quinoa, roasted pumpkin, baby spinach, roasted capsicum, feta cheese, croutons, sunflower seeds and house dressing. We’d happily have a bowl of that on its own!

the woodcroft hotel, Southern fried chicken
Southern fried chicken

We saved the best for last where we went back for seconds… or more like fourths of fifths cause it was that darn good! The chicken tenderloin pieces had been marinated in buttermilk and spices… and the end result? Golden, crispy and succulent chicken pieces which were perfectly seasoned and incredibly tasty. The flavour kicked up a notch with each chicken piece dunked into the accompanied ranch dipping sauce. Seriously, if you live down south… get down to The Woodcroft and get the Southern fried chicken. If you’re heading in that direction, get down to The Woodcroft and get the Southern fried chicken. Heck, if you love Southern fried chicken, just head down South to The Woodcroft. 😛

Before hopping on the bus back home, we got a taste of dessert with The Woodcroft’s triple chocolate brownie s’mores which uses all three chocolates – dark, milk & white, topped with a melting marshmallow and a little extra chocolate sauce. Sweet!

the woodcroft hotel
Outdoor area

Enjoy live music every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at The Woodcroft and experience the Soul of the South. And Southern fried chicken. Ha! The hotel itself is huge with separate dining areas, both indoors and out, informal and formal and of course, there’s a gaming room too. Bring the family for a night out and relax on the outdoor deck and snag a seat on the swing chairs whilst watching the sun set in the distance. That sounds like a weekend sorted. 😉

the woodcroft hotel
Swing chairs! So much fun. 😛

[dbites was invited as a guest to The Woodcroft Hotel]


The Woodcroft Hotel
Bains & Panalatinga Roads
Woodcroft SA 5162
P 08 8325 1555

Opening hours
Mon–Fri 8.30am–2.30am
Sat 8.30am–3am
Sun 9am–2.30am

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