Vegetable Degustation at Windy Point Restaurant, Belair

windy point, vegetable degustation

Something new has been introduced this month at the picturesque and scenic view giving restaurant that is Windy Point Restaurant in Belair. The restaurants degustation menu is heading into a new direction with the introduction of a new vegetable degustation menu with a focus on healthier eating and with the strong emphasis on the use of local, fresh and seasonal produce.

windy point, vegetable degustation
Gorgeous table setting

For the evening, we were treated to an epic feast in the Windy Point Pavilion overlooking the city landscape whilst the sun set, and our table set up beautifully. Just like something straight outta Pinterest!

windy point, vegetable degustation

windy point, vegetable degustation
Sweet fig cocktails to whet our appetites

windy point, vegetable degustation

windy point, vegetable degustation
Korean Fried Broccoli with rosemary and garlic custard, chilli sauce

I initially mistook the Korean fried broccoli for deep fried soft shell crab, but much to my tastebuds delight, these were amazingly good. The crispy batter was crunchy and non-greasy, and the soft broccoli centre was perfect and held up in terms of texture, not overly mushy with a bit of firmness still in tact. The garlic custard and chilli sauce that it was drizzled in was pure perfection too. I made sure I covered each of my multiple pieces of broccoli well before I devoured them down.

We found our places on the table and strapped in for an evening of vegetables done differently. Each dish focused on a vegetable and they were cooked in a way that most, if not all of us haven’t seen or tried before. It was going to be a fun and different experience, especially for the carnivores on the table. 😉

windy point, vegetable degustation
Olive bread with Hindmarsh Valley butter

windy point, vegetable degustation
Mushroom with pickled baby vegetables, sauce gribiche, beetroot
Paired wine: NV Dalzotto Prosecco

The mushroom dish resembled a pretty and colourful garden… however there was no mushroom in sight. Heh. Fear not, the mushrooms were disguised as the crumbly soil, earthy and flavourful which paired extremely well with the pickled vegetables which were acidic and bright on the palate. The sauce gribiche, a mayo style cold egg sauce was incredibly flavourful and combined all the dry elements together beautifully. So far so good, and no one was missing their meat. 😛

windy point, vegetable degustation

windy point, vegetable degustation

windy point, vegetable degustation
Beetroot with watermelon, carrot chips, persian fetta and caper leaves
Paired wine: 2015 Pewsey Vale Riesling

Next up was a vibrant dish of beetroot, thinly sliced slivers and a small pile of shredded beet, sweet and juicy, paired with pressed watermelon cubes, persian fetta, caper leaves, and my favourite from the lot… carrot chips. Crispy, caramelised, sweet pieces of yum with a touch of salt to season. A side bowl of those and I’d be happy! A lovely dish with a play on different and fun textures.

windy point, vegetable degustation
Potato with papadum, fennel cavolo nero, quail egg
Paired wine: 2014 Hill Smith Chardonnay

We started to move towards hot dishes with a potato hero. A mild potato curry with noodle-like papadum strips, a cavolo nero (similar to kale) crisp, crunchy fennel pickle and a creamy half quail egg to bind all the flavours and textures into each mouthful. Texturally interesting with mild and distinct flavours.

windy point, vegetable degustation
Zucchini with buffalo mozzarella, mint, pea, za’atar
Paired wine: 2013 Geoff Hardy Gruner Veltliner

windy point, vegetable degustation
Carrots with cumin puree, vincotto, peanuts
Paired wine: 2010 Baratt Pinot Noir

The carrot dish was interesting. Tri coloured baby carrots on a smear of punchy cumin puree with drizzles of vincotto, a handful of crushed peanuts and a small pile of shredded carrots on the side. Bold and big flavours, one that my palate wasn’t too sure about but I think that just came down to personal taste.

windy point, vegetable degustation
Cauliflower with cucumber, brown rice, pomegranate
Paired wine: 2013 John Duval Plexus gsm

windy point, vegetable degustation
Sweetcorn with marjoram, spinach, tomato, bearnaise
Paired wine: 2013 Fox Gordon Nero d’Avola

This little pie made an appearance and I think a handful of us automatically thought it was going to be a meat filling pie! Haha. It was not, but it was still very good. A sweetcorn filling (love my corn!) with marjoram (a somewhat cold-sensitive perennial herb with sweet pine and citrus flavours, thanks wiki) sauce and a creamy and punchy bearnaise sauce to contrast the flavours.

windy point, vegetable degustation

Dessert was pretty as a picture. It was an interesting one.

windy point, vegetable degustation
Fig with chickpea, date, wild strawberry, rockmelon
Paired wine: Mr Pickwick Port

A chickpea paste topped with a toasted chickpea crumb, sweet poached fig, wild strawberries and rockmelon. The chickpea paste was interesting and one that will divide most diners I think, it was quite thick and reminded me a lot like porridge. The accompaniments helped with added sweetness and textures, the wild strawberries were teeny tiny but amazingly sweet with a hint of natural vanilla that permeated through, and the rockmelon scroll was sweet, juicy and refreshing. I wanted more of it! Surprisingly, I found the figs underwhelming on the plate even though it was the hero of the dish.

windy point, vegetable degustation

A wonderful evening was had at the Windy Point restaurant. The vegetable degustation was a new and different experience, one that is sure to please most. Rest assured, you won’t be leaving hungry, that’s for sure! Some of these dishes are available to order as side dishes when dining at the restaurant so meat lovers won’t have to give up on their iron either whilst they still get to experience some of the veggie goodness.

Thank you to Executive Chef Justin Mile and his amazing team for hosting us, and thank you for a splendid evening and the tasty dining experience. Also, a big thank you to Dougal McFuzzlebutt for organising the event!

The vegetable degustation is priced at $115 per person and $185 with matching wines.

[dbites was invited as a guest to Windy Point Restaurant]


Windy Point Restaurant
Windy Point Lookout
Belair Road
Belair SA 5052
P 08 8278 8255

Opening hours
Mon-Sat 6pm-12am
Sun Closed

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