Go-In Hot Pot, Chinatown, Adelaide

At long last we made it to Go-In Hot Pot on Gouger Street–one of the most popular haunts in Chinatown, especially during the cooler months. Many converge here to hover their faces over hot steaming soup pots whilst cooking their choice of meats and veggies and devouring all the deliciousness with custom made dipping sauces from a huge variety of condiments available in gigantic self serve bowls.

Go-In Hot Pot
Hot pot feasting

You start by ordering a soup base either in individual pots for $5.80 or a larger pot to share at $14.80. This mainly depends on the number of people in your group and dietary requirements as well as personal taste as there is a large selection of soup broths to choose from. Our favourites include the tom yum and hot and spicy soup, but beware, it is a burn your ears off and clearing sinuses kind of hot spicy with a 3 chilli rating, they’re not lying! One that I savour the deliciousness in whilst also regretting it all at the same time when I’m trying to eat the food being coated in spicy broth. Haha!

Pick from a selection of shaved meat plates (beef, pork, lamb), homemade meat ball paste which comes in a scoopy thing (seafood, prawn), dumplings, an array of veggies, noodles and leafy greens. Our usual order comprises of prawn paste, fish balls with fish roe, combination meat platter, enoki mushrooms, quail eggs, baby corn, glass noodles and Asian greens. Wait for the broth to start bubbling and start adding the goodies in, each ingredient will cook at different times and by the end of it, the broth is loaded with so much flavour. If your broth level starts to deplete, the staff will top it up with hot water so you can keep dunking and slurping away. As for the condiments, there is a table of different sauces and herbs where you can concoct and mix your own sauces to your tastebuds delight. Psst, there’s also a large bowl of fried chicken wings complimentary so eat to your hearts content! 😉

The venue is huge and bustling and brimming with diners at all hours of the night, a testament as to how popular it really is at Go-In Hot Pot. Make a booking if you can. We have been back multiple times and although it is ideally a winter food, it’s still good in summer with the air con blasting.

Winter come at us!


Go-In Hot Pot
Shop 4, 31-39 Gouger Street
Adelaide SA 5000
P 08 8231 9889

Opening hours
7 days 4.30pm-11.30pm

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