Whistle and Flute, Unley

Someone, please remind us not to go to the ‘new and hot trendy’ places opening up in Radelaide unless it’s been a few months in and they’ve ironed out the kinks. Heh.

Exhibit A: Whistle & Flute.

Whistle and Flute

Let’s get the obvious out of the way, the place looks amazing, an architectural beauty by Matiya Marovich of Sans-Arc Studio who’s also showed off his skills at Adelaide hot spots including Pink Moon Saloon, the new Rundle Street bar BRKLYN, NOLA and Gondola Gondola. The space utilises lots of timber with plenty of natural light filtering in, and the use of natural greenery and foliage which provides some life and shade to the space with contemporary and bold light fixtures; it actually reminded me a little bit of The Grounds of Alexandria.

Whistle and Flute

Whistle & Flute, a term for ‘suits’ in Cockney, is a collaborated effort between Josh Baker from Clever Little Tailor, Pink Moon Saloon, Larry & Ladd and Coffee Branch, Stewart Wesson; chef from Flinders Street Project and Jamie Botten. The cafe/bar on is on the ground level of an office building but targeted to all walks of life, including dogs!

Whistle and Flute

But first, coffee. Delicious, delicious Five Sense Coffee.

Whistle and Flute

And a tasty almond croissant from the geniuses behind Abbots and Kinney. Oh yes~

Whistle and Flute
Sugar, almonds, flaky pastry… winning!

W&F’s menu oozes flavours from Asia and the Middle East, oh, and a super decadent breakfast item called the peanut geezer with peanut butter parfait, chocolate and salted caramel. Definitely not one for the faint hearted so early in the morning!

On our visit, we just missed out on the breakfast menu (available weekdays between 7am-11am, weekends 8am-2pm) so we settled for the lunch menu (available weekdays between 11.30am-2.30am, weekends 8am-2pm).

Whistle and Flute
Slow cooked pork belly; $19.00

Pork belly is usually a no brainer so that was my pick. Unfortunately the ‘slow cooked’ pork belly was far from that, instead it was overcooked, dry, chewy and the skin was rubbery and tough. The accompanied green curry sauce was hard to find and when we detect it, it was quite muted; however the fresh salad with cucumber, coriander, bean sprouts and fried pork crackling surely perked up our palates temporarily. The sauce at the bottom of the plate wasn’t a hit–a heavy and greasy concoction that left an unpleasant film on the palate. Luckily the corn was a positive, however it didn’t look like it was charred as mentioned on the menu… and far too few kernels!

oliver twist

For a lighter option, we also ordered their soy poached chicken.

Whistle and Flute
Soy poached chicken; $18.00

A vibrant bowl of soy ginger broth with poached chicken and a mound of bean sprout salad with fresh sprigs of coriander and mint. Again, much like our first dish, the protein was overcooked and dry, more so boiled than poached where the meat should still be juicy and tender. As for the soy ginger broth, the soy broth was light and lacked in depth and flavour with no strong ginger flavour permeating through. Like a bit of déjà vu, the chicken dish also gave us a thin film of grease on the palate.

We didn’t finish either dishes. 🙁

Whistle and Flute

We probably visited the place way too soon whilst they were still trying to iron out the kinks and hit their stride.

Have you been? Did you have a better experience than us? Let us know… or don’t. Haha.


Whistle and Flute
136 Greenhill Road
Unley SA 5061
P 08 8373 2490

Opening hours
Mon-Fri 7am-late
Sat 8am-whenever
Sun Closed

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