Kaffana, Adelaide

Guess what guys? Adelaide has a little piece of Serbian heaven in the form of a bar and restaurant at the ever so popular Peel Street precinct in the city. Meat Kaffana, all pun intended! šŸ˜‰


The Serbian eatery celebrates family, friends and delicious hearty food that is designed to be shared… or not. But seriously, you’ll want to share so you can eat more!

kaffana, Margarita

Kaffana is casual with brick bared walls, dim mood lighting with a few separate dining room areas. Venture to the side or back rooms and get comfortable on a lounge bench seat, or wooden tables and chairs or stick to the front area beside the fully stocked bar on high tables and stools.

Our squad started off slow and we ordered the bugs and mushrooms to start, which was then followed by the meatier and carnivorous offerings which Kaffana is really known for.

All mains are served with a side of Mumma’s famous bread, potato and cabbage salad and these quickly filed out of the kitchen along with our smaller dishes.

kaffana, mummas bread
Mumma’s bread

Mumma’s bread might not look like much but oh my golly gosh, so crisp and toasty and so damn warm! We quickly slathered our carby gems with accompanied soft butter and watched it melt into the fluffy air pockets. Mmmmm~

kaffana, mummas bread

Seriously, go slow with the bread cause you really want to have it with the meats, which did take a bit of time to come out. Extra bread is priced at $3 a pop!

kaffana, potato salad
Potato salad

A heaped bowl of chunky potato salad with mounds of flavour and a great mix of texture–loved the little sharp pops of raw onion which gave each mouthful a bite, which was then mellowed by the creaminess and slightly tangy sauce. So good.

kaffana, cabbage salad
Cabbage salad

Crisp, bright and fresh… super fresh!

kaffana, chargrilled bugs
Chargrilled bugs; $15.00

O. M. G.

If there is one non meat dish that you need to order, then it’s this one! Char grilled mini lobsters finished in a pan with Nenad’s famous chilli cream sauce. Lobsters. Chilli cream sauce. Enough said.

We happily mopped the little pot clean with our bread, the chilli cream sauce was absolute gold. Creamy, spicy, buttery, damn right delicious. I’m drooling just thinking about it…

And if you must order two… especially if you’re a vegetarian, then you should also get the mushrooms!

kaffana, Glijva, mushrooms
Glijva; $9.00

Swiss button mushrooms char grilled then pan fried with zesty garlic oil. So simple. So good.

*drum roll please*

Thankfully, the deliciousness did not stop there and we moved onto stage 2! Bring on the meattttt~

kaffana, Cevapcici
Cevapcici; $25.00

Tender char grilled beef and pork sausages were served on a bed of diced onions on a slab of wood. Food was presented simply but boy, the flavour really shone through. I did find the sausages to be slightly on the salty side when eaten on their own, but when chomped down along with the bread, potato and coleslaw salad, all was well again.

kaffana, ribs
Kaffana ribs; $33.00

“Nenad’s specialty” char grilled baby back ribs is of the dry rub marinated variety. The delectable looking ribs were then finished with a parsley and garlic glaze. Um… YUM!! They weren’t the ‘fall off the bone’ kind, butĀ they were just as good with a delectable smokiness that permeated through the meat… oh and that crisp golden exterior. Delish!

kaffana, Chargrilled smoked salmon
Chargrilled smoked salmon; $35.00

Along with our meats, we thought we should get something a little ‘lighter’ as well. A smoked salmon steak (200g) cooked perfecfly on Kaffana’sĀ charcoal grill which was also finished with theĀ parsley and garlic glaze and a bowl of lemon juice which really helped cut through the sharpness of the smoke and saltiness of the intensely flavoured fish. You’d want to keep your bread to eat with the fish cause it got a little bit ‘too much’ on its own.

We’ve been back a second time and got to try their popular skewer meats too… oh them chicken skewers are worth the mention! Tender, juicy and incredibly flavourful, a common trait with all the food that’s served at Kaffana.

Kaffana is owned by the Vujic family with the menu inspiredĀ by years of home cooking and family feasts, you’ll really feel and sense the homely atmosphere through the food and simple presentation. No frills, no worries. Bring your family and friends, the more the merrier, and wear some stretchy pants as you’ll be rolling on out of there! As for drinks, they’ve got you covered too. Beer, wine, cocktails, you’re in good hands as Kaffana transforms itself to a lively bar come night fall.



23 Peel Street
Adelaide SA 5000
P 0431 591 018

Opening hours
Dinner: Tues-Sun (alternate Sundays)
Lunch: Wed-Fri

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  1. Michael
    June 26, 2016 at 10:29 PM

    Love the way you write. I am absolutely salivating and will be taking the family there asap. Cheers

    • dee
      July 7, 2016 at 4:08 PM

      Thanks for commenting Michael!

      Hope you enjoy it as much as we did. šŸ™‚

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