Social Street S2, Adelaide

Social Street S2 located on Hutt Street is one of the newest Thai restaurants to add onto the ever growing lists of Thai restaurants popping up in Adelaide and at just 4 months old, it’s quickly getting on the radars of Thai food lovers out there. They’re open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner whilst their Sundays is specifically opened for breakfast/brunch only.

We were kindly invited to dine at Social Street S2 a few weeks back to see what they had on offer and boy, were we treated to an epic kings feast or what! The restaurant is casual and vibrant from the outside with a bright yellow shop front contrasting against black framed windows. Yellow and blue wooden chairs stools are tucked underneath long wooden tables inside and outside the restaurant. The atmosphere downstairs was relaxed and casual with dark walls and bright pops of yellow, whilst the upstairs dining area was more muted with white walls, a mix and match of decor pieces, painted artwork on opposite walls and artwork and photographs on display from local artists.

Anyways, let the onslaught begin!

Social Street S2, fish cakes
Fish cakes; $10.80

We started off with a trio of Thai fish cakes with a cucumber, peanut and sweet chilli sauce. Super duperly tasty fish cakes with a chewy and firm texture, a perfectly balanced sauce with extra crunch and freshness from the cucumber and peanuts. Massive tick from us all.

Social Street S2, Curry puffs
Curry puffs; $10.80

Curry puffs followed suit, a vegetarian puff with mixed vegetables in a crispy deep fried puff pastry and an accompanied syrupy sauce.

Social Street S2, sea flowers
Sea flowers; $12.80

The sea flowers were quite the sight (so pretty!); a chicken, squid and prawn filling sea flower in a pool of light red curry sauce. We thought the sea flower skins were a bit too thick and dominated the meat filling and dumpling as a whole, so would have enjoyed it a bit more if they were a bit thinner and delicate. The sauce was flavourful and vibrant although I did find the coconut cream quite dominate on the palate.

Social Street S2, chu chee prawns
Chu chee prawns; $19.80

Gotta love chu chee prawns and these ones were a surprise as the prawns came out crumbed… CRUMBED! A mound of crunchy crumbed king prawns in a delicious chu chee curry dressing… we absolutely annihilated these, the prawns were so juicy and plump and the crumb was golden and perfect. They reminded me of that crunch you get on a KFC chicken strip. Oh yassss!

Social Street S2, Basil chicken
Basil chicken; $19.80

Social Street S2
Plar rad prik; $22.80

Another mountain of deep fried goodness, this time in the form of fish. Deep fried dory fillets topped with Social Street sauce. Another delicious, crispy and golden crumb that coated the dory fillets, however we found that the crumb dominated the fish fillets more and half the time, we were trying to find Dory in amongst it all. Oh, Pixar pun! Shall we rename this dish to Finding Dory? I kid I kid.

Social Street S2, pad thai
Chicken Pad Thai; $15.80

A favourite and must order at any Thai restaurant–the chicken pad Thai, a combination of rice noodles, chicken, bean sprouts, chives and crushed peanuts. Social Street S2’s take on it is a more saucier version than most of the ones we’ve tried in the past, and one that we found to be on the very sweet side. The optional chilli powder on the side got bonus points as we were able to control our spice levels but I think we are more in like with the ‘dry-er’ and less saucier version… BUT, each to their own. We still managed to see the bottom of the plate so it wasn’t all that bad, just a different take on what we’re used to. 😉

Social Street S2, roast duck curry
Roast duck curry with sweet lychees, pineapple, cherry tomatoes and eggplant; $21.80

Social Street S2, Pla beef, thai beef salad
Pla beef; $19.80

SPICYYYYY! This stuff was smoking hot and super fresh. Thai beef salad with lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf, red onion, spring onion, mint and street pla sauce. All sorts of yum; the plate was colourful, the flavours vibrant and the ingredients texturally fun. It was very spicy but it was so good that we still battled through with fish plumped lips.

Social Street S2

Social Street S2
Thai sauces: tamarind sauce, seafood sauce with garlic, grounded chilli powder sauce and soybean chilli sauce

The chef also presented us with 4 popular Thai sauces for us to taste and that we could enjoy with our meal. Our absolute favourite from the lot was the soybean chilli sauce; it was incredibly well balanced and complex in flavour with fermented soybean, hints of ginger, garlic and chilli. SO. YUM. I’m salivating as I think about it. Sweet, salty, spicy, sour… just everything under the sun but perfectly harmoniously put together. They should bottle that stuff up!

Social Street S2, Coconut sticky rice
Coconut sticky rice; $9.80

Just as we thought we couldn’t fit anything else in, we finished off with dessert, a coconut sticky rice with coconut custard. I’d recommend that you share this monster as we did find it super sweet, bordering on sickeningly sweet and it would take a dessert sugar fiend to demolish it on their own. The savoury, slightly salty crushed peanuts were a welcome relief to the palate paired with a pot of hot tea to wash it all down.

Overall, a really welcoming experience at Social Street S2 paired with super warm and friendly service. Our waiter was happy and enthusiastic in explaining all our dishes and welcomed our constructive feedback. Keen to check out the folks at Social Street S2 but can’t get to their restaurant any time soon? Why not try their delivery option if that makes it easier for you, all accessible through their website.

Thanks for dinner Social Street S2 and for your kind hospitality!

[dbites was invited as guests to Social Street S2]


Social Street S2
174A Hutt Street
Adelaide SA 5000
P 08 8232 1625

Opening hours
Mon-Sat 10.30am-3pm, 5.30pm-10pm
Sun 7.30am-3pm

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