The Propaganda Club, Adelaide

The Propaganda Club, chandelier

Adelaide, we have a place thats kitchen doesn’t close til the early wee hours of the morning! And by early, I mean late! Or early?! 6am… heck, it pretty much borders on breakfast!

Our only late night supper club has graced its presence and can be found in Regent Arcade on Grenfell Street. As you enter The Propaganda Club, you’ll be met with a grandeur chandelier and a set of stairs which will lead you down to the sophisticated basement venue… almost like going down a very luxurious rabbit hole. Heh.

The Propaganda Club, The Soho Lounge
The Soho Lounge

A very swish and swanky bar awaits with three main areas. The first, the Soho Lounge with lime and marble textural rendering on the walls with soft lighting and a plush blue velvet lounge which snakes around the space. Talk about poshy glamour!

The Propaganda Club
The Sidecar Bars

Then the Sidecar Bars which are in the main corridor of The Propaganda Club; the individual hole in the wall bars link the Soho Lounge to the Manhattan Room.

The Propaganda Club
The Manhattan Room

More swishy ‘n swanky business here. The Manhattan Room exudes glamour and takes you back to old world New York with architectural windows, hand-made French plush velvet upholstered booth seating and large communal tables with high backed custom made Italian leather bar stools.

The Propaganda Club

We were kindly invited to the supper club earlier this month to check out the latest digs, sample a few of their dishes and enjoyed a tipple.

The Propaganda Club, Old fashioned, Vodka espresso
Old fashioned: brandy, gum, malted orange honey, citrus; $20.00
Vodka espresso: vodka, honeycomb, coffee, sugar; $18.00

Cocktails to start!

The Propaganda Club
Complimentary olives

The Propaganda Club, Caraway seed ciabatta
Caraway seed ciabatta; $7.00

Warm, toasty bread with a crusty exterior and a warm fluffy cloud inside. The perfect pairing with the thinly sliced discs of soft butter that glided on the bread paired with mini pickles for extra tart and sourness.

The Propaganda Club, Emu biltong
Emu biltong; $9.00

The bread got extra brownie points when a bowl of thin shavings of emu biltong (emu jerky) was presented, they were a great addition to the carb starter. The lean meat was slightly salty and not gamey at all; it also had a lovely deep red hue colour to it. A great alternative to beef.

The Propaganda Club, Croquettes
Croquettes, porcini mushrooms, cheese; $10.00

The Propaganda Club, Bastille chicken cigar
Bastille chicken cigar, cumin, cinnamon, pistachio; $24.00

Crispy, powdered sugar cigars with a meaty filling of chicken meat, fragrant spices of cumin, cinnamon and crunchy bits of pistachio. Interesting flavours, a nice mix of textures and the salad of fresh tomato and salad leaves lifted the freshness levels up a notch. Overall, a fun dish, however we did find that the cigars themselves bordered on the dry end and needed some moisture in the filling or some kind of accompanied sauce.

The Propaganda Club, Vanilla catalana
Vanilla catalana, orange, cinnamon; $18.00

Dessert to finish and a sweet one at that. The vanilla catalana was smooth and creamy with a crispy torched top layer which was balanced with fragrant, fresh and citrus notes from fresh orange segments and dehydrated orange bits. Yum!

The Propaganda Club

The Propaganda Club offers table service whilst the menu is made for sharing until the early wee hours of the morning. South Australia’s freshest seasonal ingredients are utilised throughout the menu so if you’re feeling peckish and nothing worthwhile seems to be open, you’ll know where to go for some great gourmet tucker! If you’re also feeling game and can down a few more bevvies, the bar staff can definitely help you out and suggest a wine, champagne, spirit, boutique beer, cider or a cocktail to match your supper. Or… you know, if you feel like another tipple, then here’s where to go! 😉

Also, we had a look at the menu and did think that prices were on the steep end of the stick, but hey, it’s pretty justifiable as it is the only supper club in Adelaide and where else can you get this kind of food at that time of the day?

The Propaganda Club

[dbites was invited as guests to The Propaganda Club]


The Propaganda Club
110 Grenfell Street
Regent Arcade
Adelaide SA 5000
P 08 8223 6411

Opening hours
Tue-Thu 4pm-6am
Fri 11.30am-6am
Sat 6pm-6am
Sun-Non Private events only

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