Tetsuya’s Restaurant, Sydney NSW

Way back in June, we made a brief stint trip to good ol’ Sydney for a breather and a gastronomic adventure, expanding our waistlines and moving our belt notches one notch looser by the day. Our splurge for the trip was the one and only, Tets! So here we go again.

Tetsuya’s, round two! (Round one can be found here.) 🙂

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tetsuya's, Hiramasa Kingfish with White Soy & Avruga
Hiramasa Kingfish with White Soy & Avruga

Pretty as a picture. Our starter of Hiramsa kingfish sashimi with paper thin ribbons of daikon was fresh, delicate and light on the palate with white soy and pepperings of salty avruga, a caviar substitute made from herring and other products which gave each mouthful an extra pop of flavour and texture.

tetsuya's, Warm Octopus Salad with Fennel & Shiso Oil
Warm Octopus Salad with Fennel & Shiso Oil

tetsuya's, Confit Of Petuna Ocean Trout With A Salad Of Celery, Witlof & Apple
Confit Of Petuna Ocean Trout With A Salad Of Celery, Witlof & Apple

Mmmmmm~ this was just as good as I remembered it to be… if not, even better! Melty, delicate, delicious. Putting the knife through it was just like carving out soft butter. Utter perfection. It was really hard to savour each bite slowly as it was so, so yummy. Perched underneath the beautiful trout was an accompanied salad of refined and julienned celery, witlof and apple giving it another dimension of taste, freshness and texture.

Salad on the side

Yum, yum, yum!

tetsuya's, Blue Nose Trevalla with Celeriac & Nameko Mushroom
Blue Nose Trevalla with Celeriac & Nameko Mushroom

Things moved a notch into the heavier side with the Blue Nose Trevalla fish. The fish was again, delicate and perfectly cooked with a creamy, celeriac puree and earthy, firm Nameko mushrooms.

tetsuya's, Roasted quail breast with zucchini risotto
Roasted quail breast with zucchini risotto

Beef tenderloin with salsify and shishito pepper 

Not sure what happened here but the beef tenderloin was MIA and didn’t make the cut with a photograph. Ha! I suppose we were too busy hammering into it. 😛

tetsuya's, Honey Dew Melon Sorbet with Rambutan and Chamomile Jelly
Honey Dew Melon Sorbet with Rambutan and Chamomile Jelly

The palate cleanser was a honey dew melon sorbet which was out-of-this-world. So incredibly refreshing and bright, with an intense honeydew flavour, not too sweet and very melon-y. The rambutan pieces were a hit, fleshy, juicy and sweet with a subtle chamomile tea jelly and white shards of meringue pieces. Amazingly delicious and the perfect cleanser prepping us for the next few sweet dishes that were to follow.

tetsuya's, Pear & Custard Apple Cream with Leaves
Pear & Custard Apple Cream with Leaves

What a stunner! Delicate and edible leaves complete with stems, dirt, a see through tuille log, all hiding poached pear pieces and a custard apple cream. The crunch of the leaves were reminiscent of the actual crunch you’d hear when stepping on Autumn leaves beneath your feet; the dish cleverly tapped into playing on most of your senses! A really amazing and gorgeous dish, it tasted just as good as it looked.

Then things got better. You know it! That delicious chocolate cake. *insert heart shaped eyes*

tetsuya's, Tetsuya's chocolate cake
Tetsuya’s chocolate cake

tetsuya's, Tetsuya's chocolate cake
Cross section of the best chocolate cake. Ever.

Yeah, still the best cake ever. Haha. This was the one that silenced us.

Chocolate perfection. Not too sweet, not too chocolatey, not too soft, not too hard. The balance of flavours, sweetness and textures was on point. On. Point! The negative? There wasn’t enough!

Petit fours to complete the experience with blackcurrant mini macarons and salted caramel discs with lavender

A delicious meal all around.

As for the ambience and decor of the restaurant, it is very classy, classic, simple and reserved. We had an early sitting and the ambience was very muted and quiet… there was no music for some ‘white noise’ to create a relaxing atmosphere so in turn, the ambience felt a bit… tight and stiff. We were afraid of talking at our normal noise level as it felt like we were being too loud, or louder than the other diners, which may have come off as obnoxious; so we whispered to one another at the beginning of the night. As the restaurant room started to fill up during the duration of the evening, the atmosphere picked up a bit more with more casual chitter chatter; then we were able to relax and enjoy ourselves more. 😛

At $230 per head, it’s a hit in the pocket but some thing worth experiencing, especially for ones that do enjoy their food. 😉


Tetsuya’s Restaurant
529 Kent Street
Sydney NSW 2000
P 02 9267 2900

Opening hours
Sun-Mon Closed
Tue-Fri 6pm-Late
Sat 12pm, 6.30pm-Late

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