Lenzerheide Restaurant, Hawthorn

With a heap of trendy new restaurants popping up all over our city and in the burbs, we tend to forget about some of our classic institutions serving their regulars week in and week out. Lenzerheide Restaurant is one of those, not a particular restaurant that was really on the radar but one that was eventually going to get a visit for being such a classic favourite among most. And at last, a visit was made.

Lenzerheide Restaurant

First impressions? Classic.

Lenzerheide is housed within a restored former historical residence on Belair Road just 10 minutes away from the CBD. The decor is classical and dare I say it, a bit outdated. Incredibly high ceilings grace the dining room area with rather comfortable leather dining chairs paired with white linen draped tables, all of which juxtoposed against the green plants housed within a separated ‘green house’ in the centre of the room with windows, no ceiling and a retractable shade to let in natural sunlight. It is probably quite the sight during the day time but at night… not so much!

Moving along to the food…

Lenzerheide Restaurant, scallops

We started off with the baked scallops special to share. Grilled gooey cheese piled on top of a plump juicy scallop. Not the most appetising looking dish but a nice little start, even if it was rich!

Lenzerheide Restaurant, tortellini
Potato, garlic and herb tortellini; $23.00

The tortellini was a step up from the scallops. Each morsel filled with potato, garlic and herbs with a coriander and walnut salsa, sweet vibrant yellow and red baby beets, Persian feta and cinnamon beurre noisette, or for people like us, that’s brown butter. 😉  A nice play on textures and flavours; beets and feta are such a classic and tasty pairing so it was hard to go wrong there.

Lenzerheide Restaurant, Roschti
Röschti; $10.00

One of Lenzerheide’s most popular dish is their side of roschti; thickly grated kestrel potatoes that are pan fried unti golden brown. Looks a lot like a hash brown no? Only fancier? Hehe!

Lenzerheide Restaurant, barramundi
Fish of the day – barramundi with cucumber salad

The initial aim was to order the steak, however when the fish of the day was mentioned, I changed my mind. Much to my dismay though. Note to self, stop ordering the market fish of the day. The fish, I thought, was slightly over cooked and rather bland and flavourless. I tried hard not to reach for the salt, but I caved and did so, just to add something to the dish. The accompanied aioli (?) was a much needed component which added another layer of flavour, but there just wasn’t enough of it to go with the fish fillet. Overall, a rather… so-so dish.

Luckily for my counterparts, they all enjoyed their picks much more than I did with mine!

Lenzerheide Restaurant, Confit of duck leg
Confit of duck leg, mandarin, ginger, cardamon, lime and sweet soy glaze, salad of pickled kohlrabi, purple cabbage, endive and nashi pear; $39.00

Lenzerheide Restaurant, venison
Onkaparinga valley venison: button, shitake and enoki mushroom, sweet soy and cabernet glaze; $44.00

Lenzerheide Restaurant, Trio of beef tenderloin
Trio of beef tenderloin: gulf prawn, honey, soy and rosemary jus; bordelaise, hollandaise, cherry tomato; rich cream, green peppercorn and demi glaze; $44.00

Lenzerheide Restaurant, angus beef
Cape byron angus beef tenderloin,, parsnip puree, maple and smoked bacon jus, prosciutto and sage; $43.00

And of course, there’s always room for dessert!

Lenzerheide Restaurant, souffle
Citrus and poppy seed soufflé, blood orange curd ice-cream, citrus curd anglaise; $21.00

A light citrus and poppy seed souffle, although a little more cake-y than what we’re used to and not as fluffy and light as other souffles we’ve had in the past. The blood orange curd ice cream was a nice accompaniment and was also enjoyed as a palate cleanser on its own. 😉

Lenzerheide Restaurant, chocolate bar plate, aero mint mousse, bounty coconut tart, cherry ripe ice cream, snickers salted caramel and peanut tart
Chocolate bar plate, aero mint mousse, bounty coconut tart, cherry ripe ice-cream, snickers salted caramel and peanut tart; $23.00

We also couldn’t go past the chocolate bar plate with classic favourite chocolate bars reinvented! The aero mint mousse was screaming to be had, minty, light and refreshing. Totally biased here, as anything mint get a massive tick in my books. 😛 The cherry ripe ice cream was also another stand out with bits of cherry and chocolate pieces mixed within for some textural play on the palette. The most ‘boring’ one of the lot had to be the snickers salted caramel and peanut tart, the flavours were definitely there… but the reinvention and presentation of the tart was a bit lacklustre.

Overall, a relatively enjoyable experience. The food was good, classic, and pretty pricy (!) but definitely not rave worthy. We have been told that ‘nothing has changed in years‘ at Lenzerheide, and is that a good or bad thing…? We’ll leave that to your judgement. Service was very mediocre, if not, painfully slow. We had asked for desserts to come out as soon as we finished our main meals, considering that there was a 30 minute wait time for the souffle as they were made to order, and although we were reassured that dessert preparations were being made as our mains were presented, we still waited what felt like the 30 minute wait time after dinner was cleared (at least a 20 minute wait). Fine dining can be a nice little treat every now and then, and it’s such a treat when the food totally blows you away, but the laid back casual meals are the preferred option where the atmosphere is chill and comfortable with delicious, simple and most of the time, much more affordable meals!


Lenzerheide Restaurant
146 Belair Road
Hawthorn SA 5062
P 08 8373 3711

Opening hours
Mon dinner from 6pm
Tue-Sat lunch from 12pm (high tea 12pm-4pm), dinner from 6pm
Sun lunch from 12pm (high tea 12pm-4pm)

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